my haven for your hair

As you'll all know by now little old me is finally opening up on my own. I have wanted to create a wee studio of loveliness for sometime now and took the plunge. It is in Portview Mill and my studio is situated on the first floor in a114.  I wanted to create a wee haven for you and your hair. Hopefully my vision will come together and you will all love it as much as I do. After years of trying and testing different products and ranges I have come across two brands that I totally love and they are Maria Nila and Davines. Both companies are Vegan and Vegan friendly and are free from sulphate and paraben. Their packaging is carbon neutral and I just want to try to help the environment as much as possible. I'll be using the Davines colour range which is also vegan friendly and made from naturally sourced ingredients. My studio will not only be there for my clients and brides, but it'll be my office too which is great as I can then move all my work out of my home and have the two separate. 

For my bridal section I'm aiming to create a more personal atmosphere. Bridal appointments will only have my brides and their chosen bridal team present. This way we can talk all things your wedding and we won't get disturbed by anyone. It will be our own wee wedding hair haven.

I will be taking my first client on Thursday 9th March and my studio will be officially open from this date. EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I may be the most excited person in the whole universe these days! I may also be the first lady ever to combust from excitement, so if that does happen, please just follow my little dream on and keep my wee studio life alive hehehehe.

To all my peeps, I love you and I cannot wait for you all to see my wee vision that is ....

Lynette Murray Hair 

See you all soon. eek! keep loving and always smiling. Let's make the world a better place one smile at a time :) xo