If like me you started 2018 on a high note (well I started my 30 days to healthy living and beyond on the 8th January) and challenged yourself to a healthy living programme to help reboot your gut and make up for your general bad eating/drinking habits from the Christmas and festive period, then this is the reboot you need for your skin. Your skincare is so important in helping to let the best you shine through. Like the 30 days programme for your insides, this is the 30 days programme for healthier and younger looking skin.

Cleansing, toning and protecting your skin doesn't mean you have to get up an hour earlier in the morning or find an hour before bed. You can do it in about ten minutes max, I promise! Would you like to take a journey (yes I say "journey") with your skin and achieve amazing healthy and more youthful results in just 30 days???? Of course you would. With many things in life nothing really happens overnight. Well now I hear you say, no Lynette that's not true, the grass grows, my nails grow, I change my mind overnight (and so the list goes on *inserts winky face*) I know lots of things change overnight, but when it comes to your skin it takes a little longer to achieve complete transformation without going under the knife! (eek!!!!). Would you like to learn how to reboot your skin in 3 simple steps? I did, and started my own skin boot camp in June and I promise (even pinky promise) I've never looked back at my old rubbish skincare routine. 

It's time to reclaim your healthy looking skin! February is skincare month at Arbonne. They understand skin and how it works. I swear by their RE9 skincare regime. It has changed my skin so much and I am now happy going out without any makeup on! eek! yes, I go to the shops and speak to the public with a naked face, hehe. So why not grab your RE9 Advanced® Anti Ageing Face ASVP* and start your own RE9 Advanced journey.

*ASVP £239.10 (7 essential products)


All of these must haves for heathy looking skin are included in the RE9 Advanced Anti Ageing Face ASVP, so make sure you're armed with all the essentials to see the true results.

Arbonne say if you dedicate 3-5 minutes morning and night you will start seeing results in 30 days. (See, I said ten minutes, this is even better, whoo hoo) This gives your skin a chance to adjust to the new regime. Skin regenerates itself on average every 30-45 days, so let it finish a complete cycle of skin renewal and you'll see results so good you'll want to stick to it for a lifetime!  

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*£25 for the year.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Love your skin. Love Life xo