What is a mother, a god mother, but a sister in love!


What is a mother, a god mother, but a sister in love! 

A mother does not have to physically birth a child to love that child unconditionally. 

To know that unconditional love. That feeling, you know that feeling. That is a mother.

A mother loves unconditionally because that love is endless, it knows no bounds. 

When you hold a child dear that is LOVE, that is being a mother.

Love is that feeling in your inner soul, that feeling that runs so deep you cannot breathe.

Love holds us captive. It holds our emotions like an eggshell waiting to drop. 

These are the things that make you a mother.

Emotions are powerful, we are powerful. 

A mother, a god mother, a sister in love. 

Written by Lynette Murray - a mother to a daughter who is loved unconditionally by all her sisters in love.

Welcoming the HMelt Mask Colour System to StudioA114

Hmelt Mask enlivens and intensifies the colour and brilliance of coloured and natural hair, giving vibrant and bright reflections and increasing the duration of hair colour.

It protects and moisturises treated and natural hair deep down.

Available in 6 shades: Authentic Chestnut, Glamour Copper Gold, Divide Gold, Sunny Orange, Red Energy and Mysterious Purple.


After the hair bath (shampoo for anyone wondering) on blotted dry hair, apply Hmelt Mask on the lengths while wearing gloves, distributing it evenly with a comb or with your hands. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. (available to take home)

The reflection intensity increases by extending the application times (tot. 20 minutes)


*Biodynamic curly dock: it’s content of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium remineralises hair fibre, while the incredible content of Vitamins A and C offers energy and antioxidant protection.

*Organic mullein: it leverages the process of photoluminescence that absorbs the most powerful UV radiation, transforming it into brightness. It increases hair brilliance progressively, treatment after treatment and it protects hair against photo-oxidative stress due to UV rays.

*Fair trade phytopigments: exclusive phytopigments (Rhatany, Broom, Walnut, Lycopene, Turmeric and Saffron) polish hair fibre, protecting hair with antioxidant action, giving natural depth to reflection, intensifying them.


What's your side hustle?


Hello and welcome to this beautiful world of Arbonne.   

Let me share a little as to why and how I decided to give Arbonne a try. In June 2017 my now business partner and complete cheerleader Nicola O'Neill asked me to take a look at the business opportunity provided by Arbonne. I was blown away by the potential. I decided to take a leap of faith and give Arbonne a go. I have always been a big believer in not having regrets. I would always rather try and fail than to never try at all and always wonder what if, so it that is you, I would seriously consider giving this amazing opportunity a go.   

The great thing about Arbonne is that it is my side hustle, I do it alongside my other job. You can build your business as slow or as fast as you want it. There are no set time frames. All my business partners are at different levels of the company. I'm currently at District Manager with my goals to become Area as soon as I can. There are 4 levels to this company and if I am honest I hope to be at the top of the company within 5 years. That is my plan of action and with the amazing support and help I receive from the team I know with my hard work and determined mind I will get there.   

It is my dream to help others get to the top of this business too. It is my dream to help as many people as possible fulfil their full potential in life. Never say, oh I could never do that, of course you can. If you put your mind to anything you can do it. Let me and our team show you how.   

Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan, exceptional support, training and committed leadership to create the perfect window of
opportunity for you.

With Arbonne, life is full of awesome opportunity — to earn a living, enjoy a flexible schedule,
to transform your life and the lives of others. 

Imagine the possibilities! 

Discover how fulfilling life can be as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.   

Contact me to learn more.

Lynette   xo

Arbonne Independent Consultant