Who's up for a challenge?

Hey ya'll! who's feeling up for a challenge?! why not challenge yourself to Arbonne's 30 Days of New Eating Habits and get out of your funk of bad eating and not sleeping and generally feeling yuck! I did my first challenge last June and lost nearly 2 stone! It totally changed my outlook on life and what I put in my body. From the age of 19 I was diagnosed with IBS and Gluten Intolerance and it was severe. I constantly felt like SHIT (sorry for the swear but that's how I felt) my stomach was a mess of cramps, bolting, severe pain and my skin was always breaking out and developed a skin condition that would be sore and itchy and just not nice to look at either. I never wanted to wear v-neck tops or spaghetti straps as it was all over my chest and back! Through doing this programme for 30 days, I was able to turn my lifestyle around. By no means was it easy but it had to be done! Your health is your wealth and it is so important to know what is making you sick. The power of the plant is amazing and can really work. After many years on being on different medications for my IBS, last November after going vegetarian in June and then full Vegan in September I stopped talking my IBS medication and have (touch wood) not needed it since. The reality of what I had been doing to myself shocked me. I will be 40 on the 25th of this month and I have finally worked out what I needed to do to stay healthy. I am so thankful for Nicola O'neill for introducing Arbonne to me and it has literally changed my life. With determination and a little will power and support of your family and friends you to can change your life. Want to do the 30 Day programme and see for yourself? Just ask! message me or leave a comment. Share with your friends/family or anyone you think could benefit from the programme. It is unbelievable what a positive mindset and a little trust in your own self can do. Lets get healthy together.


Let me break it down for you. The pack shown above is £263 in total. (a retail value of £400). This makes you a preferred client and gives you a years worth of 20-40% discount for all Arbonne products. In the kit you get, 2 bags of meal replacement protein, daily fibre support, digest plus, 2 boxes of detox tea, greens balance or 7days detox cleanse and 2 boxes of fizz sticks. These are all the products you use to take you through the 3 days. You will also get your choice of free product worth up to £96. The whole programme equates to about £7 per day. Which if you think about it, is what you'd spend in a coffee shop or buying lunch. Depending on what your main goal is, you'd be cutting out 1 or 2 meals, therefore saving money, so it doesn't feel like it's an extra £263 on top of what you would spend in a month. xo

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