Studio A114 - A haven for you and your hair


Feeling totally blessed to have Studio A114. Studio A114 provides hairdressing with ethical values.

Pure, safe and beneficial products. No nasty chemicals.

My passion for sustainable products started when I began to research what I was actually putting on my skin and in my body. I was shocked. Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin, ie, moisturiser, makeup, hair products etc goes straight into your blood stream in less than 30 seconds! Yes, you read that right, 30 seconds. That's insane!

I had been living in a bubble of, "well. if *insert celebrity face here* is using it, it must be good"! Well, let's not be fooled, they are getting paid to sell the product and getting paid very well. We are not! At Studio A114 I use all products that are cruelty free, sulphate and paraben free and free from nasty chemicals. Davines and Arbonne both have a policy of sustainable beauty. No matter what they take out of the earth they replant and replace it. SO they are helping to sustain the environment. Both companies follow a strict ingredient policy and are carbon neutral. I am in love with the Davines hairsprays. Not only do they smell amazing but they don't affect your chest or the environment, even if you have asthma they won't affect your chest at all. My hair salon is a wee haven for you, your hair and body. 
Studio A114 is by appointment only. I can provide consultations about products that would suit you and your personal needs. Lets help the environment one product change at a time! xo

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