Essential Oils

Arbonne's essential oils are 100% pure and follow strict seed-to-source standard. This means that from growth in the field to harvest they are quarantined, inspected and tested by independent labs to ensure the purity meets the highest industry-leading standards. For Arbonne to deliver their 100% pure essential oils with no added fillers or synthetic ingredients they go far beyond seed-to-source standards by incorporating technology advanced testing such as listed below.

Sensory Analysis - Ensures aroma character and detects impurities  

Peroxide Testing - Ensures purity and potency after opening, for the shelf-life of the oil

Water Activity - Ensures there is NO dilution from filler oils or water 

Heavy Metal Testing - Ensures NO traces of heavy metals are present

Microbial Testing - Ensures safety and purity

Flame Ionization Detector - Ensure oil concentration levels

High Performance Liquid Chromatography Testing - Ensures botanical identification and potency

Gas Chromatography Testing - Ensures botanical composition and constituents

Dermatology Safety Testing  

More exciting oils to come to this collection

More exciting oils to come to this collection

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