be individual - bespoke it up

The choice of jewellers out there is mind blowing. So many companies to choose from and so many options. But ask yourself this, why choose a ring that anyone can just walk in off the street after you and buy the same one?! Through my love of all things wedding and basically surrounding myself by lovely people, I had the honour of meeting the wonderfully talented Mairi. Mairi is a contemporary goldsmith and bespoke jewellery designer. She has a beautiful studio at Portview Mill in East Belfast and lovingly hand makes all her pieces. My eternity ring was made by Mairi and I can truly say it is my favourite ring I own. My ring was made with heirloom stones and includes 25 stones that symbolise our special dates. We also have N&L (Neal and Lynette) engraved on  the inside. It means so much to me. I LOVE IT! I can't recommend Mairi even, not only is she a great girl and lovely to be around, but she is one hell of a goldsmith. Please think about visiting her first before you go and buy off the rack rings.

Check out Mairi's instagram and website below.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

my beautiful eternity ring 

my beautiful eternity ring