vegan haircare

If you built it, would they come?

When you have a dream to start your own business it always just feels like that, A DREAM. There’s that feeling of, there’s no way I could do that! Then you start to look around at what you are actually doing, what you are enabling to happen by not staying true to yourself. Not staying true to your own beliefs and ethics. Being scared to fail was crippling , is crippling. Being scared of what others would think was and is crippling. Both these factors are stupid but I still believed them. Why should it matter what other people think, why should it matter if I fail? Surely if I fail that should be okay! Surely it’s better to fail than to never try! Why not try? Why not see if it could work. Holy crap could it work, could it? OKAY LYNETTE, NOW YOU”RE JUST BEING CRAZY! Who would want to come to your studio? who? ( my inner voice always being a torture ) who would care as much as you did about where their hair colour came from, wether their shampoo was cruelty free or sulphate free?. Surely everybody just wants 2 for 1 these days. Surely everyone wants the cheapest option. Don’t they? Then a wee memory voice pops into my head. It says, Lynette, do you remember that film, A Field of Dreams? The one with Kevin Costner? The one you loved way back then. What was the famous line from that movie?


So, I put my big girl pants on and I did it! I built it and what the actual F, ( sorry mum ) you came! You actually believed in what I was trying to build. I can’t even put into words how overwhelmed I am. The support from my family and friends has blown me away. The support from my clients who stuck by me from day 1, back when I was a nervous little junior in Patrick Mulholland’s just wanting to be the best hairdresser I could be, to the lovely new clients who have lovingly put their trust in me to cut and colour their hair. I THANK YOU!!!! 2 and a half years into my vision, my dream, it’s no longer a dream! It’s my reality and everyday I thank God for my blessings!


Love Lynette xx