StudioA114 Look Book Slide Show

In January of this year Oway Organics came ethically storm trooping their way into my life and literally blew my mind. The love they have for the planet and the way they care for their salons and clients is so up lifting.  The training and support we get is truly inspiring. I wanted to create a look book to showcase the colour and product range available from Oway. 

I didn’t want to use models and have a whole team of different peoples ideas being pulled back and forth and taking away from the hair. The hair for me was my main focus and that is what I wanted to concentrate on. All models used were my clients and they kindly supported me and the vision I was trying to create. Fiona, Sophie and Sara all came out of their comfort zone to help bring my vision to life. I thought it was going to be hard to pull it off, but with Shelley’s professionalism and creative mind it really wasn’t.  The vision was to bring it all back to basics. To let my clients do their own make up, to wear their own clothes, to feel confident being them. To create looks that were achievable for everyday living.

This is how the look book came about. 

Question - 

When you have an idea floating around your head, but don’t how to execute said idea, 

what do you do? 

Who do you call?? …. 

Answer -

NO, not the Ghostbusters, haha (yes, I am indeed a child of the 80’s)  ,

but Shelley from Ten21Life that’s who. 

Reasons - 

Not only does Shelley capture beautiful images but her creative mind is amazing. I’ll not let you in on her photography secrets as you’ll just have to book her yourself to find out those bad boys, but oh my days, what an absolute professional. From initial talks to final product I am literally on such a high. I can’t recommend Ten21Life enough, Ricky and Shelley are the dream team of photography. Genuinely beautiful inside and out and will totally knock any of your ideas out of the park. Get them booked!

So here it is, my creative look book slideshow for my hair studio, StudioA114. 

I hope you like it as much as I loved creating the hair for it. 

Love Always and Always Love

Lynette xx

Dry Shampoo on a whole new level of awesomeness



Frequent washing, aggressive cleansing, hot tools: these are just some of the stress factors to which scalp and hair are subjected regularly. Both in the beauty salon and at home, Organic Way is always attentive to maintaining healthy scalp and hair and, to this end, has developed this special waterless detergent.

Plant & Mineral Refresh gives new life to scalp and hair, extending time between washings. Instantly refreshes your look with a volumising effect without the need for water and hot tools used for drying.

A 100% cleansing botanical-mineral blend made of naturally derived ingredients, capable of absorbing excess sebum and leaving your hair light, voluminous and delicately scented. 

Plant & Mineral Refresh is suitable for thick and thin straight, curly and wavy hair, because it gives body without weighing hair down. 

Its unique formula is rich in precious phyto-active ingredients: biodynamic mint, astringent and purifying, lightens and refreshes roots, helping them to purify themselves from excess sebum; cassava and rice starch, a complex of starches that absorb oiliness and gives lightness to hair while soothing the scalp; organic orange, ideal for oily hair, gives shine and energy; pumice stone remineralises and energises the hair fibre; ethical Amazonian pink clay, which works directly on the scalp, absorbs impurities and regulates sebum production and, finally, Zeolite, also called “body scavenger” due to its purifying and detoxifying properties. Zeolite absorbs toxins and chemical products, trapping them within its crystalline structure and removing them from the body.

Plant & Mineral Refresh too joins Oway’s beauty and wellness world with a sustainable approach: packaged in a precious 100% recyclable amber glass bottle, it is doubly attentive to the environment, because it is concentrated (no waste!) and used without water.


Available from the studio - £28 and worth every penny. I have been using it myself and it is amazing.

Happy Easter

Lynette xx

What is a mother, a god mother, but a sister in love!


What is a mother, a god mother, but a sister in love! 

A mother does not have to physically birth a child to love that child unconditionally. 

To know that unconditional love. That feeling, you know that feeling. That is a mother.

A mother loves unconditionally because that love is endless, it knows no bounds. 

When you hold a child dear that is LOVE, that is being a mother.

Love is that feeling in your inner soul, that feeling that runs so deep you cannot breathe.

Love holds us captive. It holds our emotions like an eggshell waiting to drop. 

These are the things that make you a mother.

Emotions are powerful, we are powerful. 

A mother, a god mother, a sister in love. 

Written by Lynette Murray - a mother to a daughter who is loved unconditionally by all her sisters in love.

Welcoming the HMelt Mask Colour System to StudioA114

Hmelt Mask enlivens and intensifies the colour and brilliance of coloured and natural hair, giving vibrant and bright reflections and increasing the duration of hair colour.

It protects and moisturises treated and natural hair deep down.

Available in 6 shades: Authentic Chestnut, Glamour Copper Gold, Divide Gold, Sunny Orange, Red Energy and Mysterious Purple.


After the hair bath (shampoo for anyone wondering) on blotted dry hair, apply Hmelt Mask on the lengths while wearing gloves, distributing it evenly with a comb or with your hands. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. (available to take home)

The reflection intensity increases by extending the application times (tot. 20 minutes)


*Biodynamic curly dock: it’s content of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium remineralises hair fibre, while the incredible content of Vitamins A and C offers energy and antioxidant protection.

*Organic mullein: it leverages the process of photoluminescence that absorbs the most powerful UV radiation, transforming it into brightness. It increases hair brilliance progressively, treatment after treatment and it protects hair against photo-oxidative stress due to UV rays.

*Fair trade phytopigments: exclusive phytopigments (Rhatany, Broom, Walnut, Lycopene, Turmeric and Saffron) polish hair fibre, protecting hair with antioxidant action, giving natural depth to reflection, intensifying them.