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Don't let bad skin win!

Leave your blemished past behind and discover a truly forward thinking approach to skin. Clear Future blemish products were clinically developed as a complete system to clear up blemishes and help prevent new blemishes appearing. With the power of salicylic acid and carefully selected botanicals each product is there to help calm and sooth the skin. Like all skincare ranges you have to be regimented and consistent for them to work. Daily use of this amazing skincare regime will help skin appear more even and toned. With Clear Future your blemishes don't stand a chance.

For spotty and problematic skin, especially the chest and back area that are sore and inflamed. These products can be used safely on these areas also. You can use these products from the age of 12 upwards and they're perfect for post acne scaring also.

Inflammatory problems can be the cause of a lot of skin problems too. Get your gut right. Arbonne nutrition is an important part of skincare too. Inflammation of your skin can be holistically treated, try and find someone who will give you the best advice for you and your gut and skin. Increasing your hydration levels by drinking at least two litres of water per day can really help and these steps help to restore the ph balance of your skin.

The Micro biology of the skin that line the hair folic of your skin is what causes the Build up of sebum that spreads bacteria causing black heads, white heads and severe acne. This normally affects children from age 11 to adult. (the clear future range can be used from age 12)

Unblock your pore with a soothing effect on your skin to reduce redness. It is allergy and dermatology tested.

Clear future = four simple steps.

Step one - Deep pore blemish cleanser - salicylic acid 1% dandelion calming and peppermint is healing and detoxifying to the skin. Liquorice and orange peel extract soothing to skin and cell renewal - non drying to unclog pores. Apply damp skin and massage on worse areas. Removes makeup too. Once or twice daily. You can use this in conjunction with our FC5 daily purifying cleanser. 

Step two - exfoliating blemish pads - salicylic acid 0.5%

Witch hazel extract. Alpha alpha dandelion, liquorice and orange - mulberry hops and sugar cane - humectant drawing ingredients in to the skin . Reducing inflammation and vitamins a and d - apply to face and infected areas. start one application per day - 

Step three - Intensive Blemish Calming Lotion -  oil free lotion - 1% salicylic acid. Alpha alpha dandelion, liquorice and orange - mulberry hops and sugar cane. Vitamins a, d & e. Anti bacteria properties - skin free appearance. Always use with clean hands. (FC5 oil absorbing day cream with SPF15 can be used in conjunction with this product)

Step four - Mattifying Blemish Lotion.  Spot treatment. Salicylic acid 2% - clears existing breakouts. Transparent formula - wolf berry extract is a natural antioxidant that helps reduce scar tissue. Refines texture of skin.

All products can be inter graded with other Arbonne skincare products. Skin conditioning oil -  used at night for layering - skin oil - blemish calming cream and then mask for proper treatment. Deep cleansing mask leave overnight.

Get in touch and find out more about Arbonne's skincare products. Used correctly they can change your skin for the better.

Thank you for reading this and please share if you think it can help anyone you know. 


Lynette xx

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jump the broom

I married my best friend on Friday 25th November 2011 in the Ulster Museum in Belfast. My long time friend and photographer Emma Campbell captured our big day. She was an absolute star! Professional, funny, warm and all my guests loved her. I highly recommend Emma for your wedding day too. She captures moments beautifully.  Check out Jump the Broom and you'll even see me and my hubby featured. 

visual look book

How amazing is Ricky Linton from Rabbit and the Fox FilmsThis was the visual look book he produced for bridal boutique Archive 12 to showcase their beautiful Naturae Design collection. It was an honour to be part of this shoot and work with makeup artist Maria Gorman - Hair & Make-Up and model Loreena Burns - 

Click the link below to view our collaboration. I think you'll agree it is stunning!